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The Sisterhood of the Crazy Boy Stories

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
9:40 pm - : ]

oh boys.... lol
this is a great community!

my crazy story happened around august when i was in a friends-with-benefits relationship with a guy i refer to as 'd' now. (it's important to know that he lives in a different dorm across campus and my dorm is coed by floor and the guys' bathroom is a floor above or below mine)

we were messing around, blah blah blah, fall asleep, and around 3 am he wakes me up with muttering 'i gotta go' in my ear. now at 3 am, NO ONE focus or really understands what is going on, as you all are probably aware. i'm all, 'sure, sure, whatever' and he puts on his shoes and heads to the door. i ask him if he wants his belt or shirt at least and he shakes his head and leaves. i lock the door and go back to sleep. normal night, whatever.

the next day around noon he shows up and blushing, asks me if i knew he just needed to go to the bathroom. if i locked him out on purpose.


i still laugh when i think about him walking across campus, frost on the ground, with no shirt on.

so subconsciously all i do is wait for men to leave me? interesting point my friend made.

current mood: chipper

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
4:23 pm - Should I or shouldn't I?

so on thurs i went to the bar with greg and dan....... when i got there we all went up to the bar and dan bought greg and i drinks....... i didn't go back to the bar all night because dan kept on getting my drinks...... i did walk by the bar once on my way to the bathroom
well at the end of the night dan goes to close out his tab and him and the bartending start talking about me...... and the end result was the bartender gave dan his # and asked dan to give it to me
should i call this guy?

current mood: working

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
1:21 pm - Jen, does this count?

So, KMG (my guy of almost 11 months) went to a bachelor party last Saturday night for one of his h.s. friends. I was good: no text messages, no calling him.

He called me around 10:00 (drunk) and I asked him if I needed to pick him up. He said not yet. I asked him if they'd started watching Big Lebowski yet (his circle of friends favorite movie).

He said no, but it was in the "To Watch" pile.

*shakes head* A group of 20-something guys, at a bachelor party...no stripper. Just watching non-porn movies.

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12:13 pm - I MISS you guys!

So, ladies, what is goin on?!

There hasn't been a post here since DECEMBER! Noo! What happened to us?!

I know you don't mean to tell me there are no crazy boy stories to be shared! Well, let me start. :)

There are a few stories, but I'll start with the good one. :)

On my roommate's birthday, we went to this place called the Hofbrauhaus. Which is awesome, apparently it's just like the one in Munich. But I've never been to Munich. Anyway, I have lately been into the "Take a crazy chance" theory of meeting people. We had a table and I just decided to invite these guys to sit with us. I did a good thing. lol.

Now, start posting and I'll tell you the rest of the story. ;)

current mood: cheerful

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Friday, December 24th, 2004
7:15 pm - new member!!

hi there!! my name is Michelle Leyla (aka lerz or micki, mostly known as Leyla)

im a freshman in high school..i know i know a lil young but i have my fun and exciting stories. tehehe. i guess i should tell one right now?

WELL, i'll tell a happy one first....me&this kid Bobby....okay let me start from the begininng, its confoozing
me&OB(my friend ethan's nickname) have been best friends since preschool. about a year ago he moved in to his "aunt"s house, his "aunt" being his moms best friend from HS. His "Cousin" is Robert Alan Cleary, aka Bobby or Screw. I'll call him Bobby for now tho haha...so Bobby, like OB, has a kid. Bobby is living with his aunt, who is OB's "aunt," bc his babys momma moved to maryland from BK where bobby lived w/ his bro, so bobby's aunt said he cud live w/ her to be close to his son. bobby is a very good kid..he just had that ONE night where he got the girl pregnant, and it was all her fault. lets not go into that tho.
so me and bobby were good friends n all since his "cuz" is my BFF of 12 years...well, about a month ago we started talking more regularly n he would call, n i would call his house to talk to HIM more and more, n etc. we really hit it off but i live in VA around DC so i only saw him those rare occassions he could "bump into me" @ the mall or smtg, or when i went to visit family in his neighborhood and "went for a walk"...ok so about a week ago me and him decided we were into each other, but not, and that we were gonn make everyone think we were together bc were so perfect together. so 3 nights ago he was talkign to me on the phone and he "proposed" haha as in we decided when im 19 we're most likely gonn get married. :) his son already calls me momma haha and me and him have a LOT in common! so we made a livejournal together, kinda as a joke, so we can just leave each other lil notes and stuff. if u wanna see the cuteness feel free here

yea i know that was a bunch of nothing and it wasnt exciting but heyy i have exciting stories.my life is SOO full of drama its crazy! plus its winter break, which means...lots of drinking/blazing/hooking up. ;);)

much love,

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Monday, September 13th, 2004
7:01 am - hello again!

hey all! it's been awhile...where i left off last i was talking to tony the firefighter, which unfortunately, i've pretty much lost contact with. oh well...i'm sure some other lucky girl has snagged him! :)

i'm kinda dating this guy now (kevin)...i say kinda 'cause the only time we've spent together has been drunk and in a hot tub. heh. :) we're going out this weekend, i hope! i wasn't sure i really wanted to get to know him at all...he seemed like kind of a jerk, but he's really not. he's absolutely hilarious and so considerate. and hotttttt. and a cop. :D oh, how i love to love those fine, upstanding law enforcers.

current mood: giggly

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
12:05 pm - Murphy's Law

I just started my new job last week working for the Army. I adore soldiers, but I work mostly with women so I wasn't really concerned when I woke up today with only a half hour to get ready. Of course today when I threw my hair in a ponytail and the only makeup I have on is chapstick and remnants of yesterday's eyeliner that didn't come off in the shower (I'm going for the smoky look, okay)is the day my boss comes to me and says I need to get a civillian ID card, go to this building, blah blah. So I go...I should've known something was wrong when I didn't even worry about fixing my hair or adding some more makeup, all ID photos suck, right? So I take a number and wait my turn. I look up when my number was called and...Mr. Gorgeous is standing there waiting for me. I wanted to marry him or molest him, I'm still not sure, as soon as I saw him. He was wearing this blue shirt that matched his eyes, and had great skin, good teeth, and short fingernails (a girl's gotta have her standards). *sigh* We made small talk while we were waiting for my ID to print, but ugh on all the days I needed to be cute...

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
1:40 pm

So, my current boy story is this:
My younger brother had a 40 oz party over Memorial weekend. I went and had a blast, drank two 40's and was just drunk enough for some good ol' flirting. I was expecting that flirting to be with this guy I've had a crush on for quite some time, but he really wasn't reciprocating, so instead I spent a lot of time with his roommate. My brother even noticed this. Now, I'm not sure if this is the final hint to me that things are just not going to work out with my long-term crush or if it was just the circumstances. So I called him yesterday and left a message inviting him to hang out this weekend. My cover-up/excuse is that I've just moved about an hour away from him, I don't know anyone in this area and he went to school here so I'm hoping he can show me around. I guess I'll have to wait and see if he was offended by my flirting with his roomie, or if he really didn't care, or what. It seems to me that if he were interested at all, he'd have been flirting with me at the party. But I get mixed signals sometimes because he's also been known to tell me he'd like to hang out more to get to know me, he invited me to a wedding, and at the end of the party he gave me his cheek for a goodnight peck. Interesting.
Anyway, just felt like throwing that out there to get it out of my mind.

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
2:50 am - help!

haha alright, I know this doesn't have anything to do with sorority stuff, but I need some advice I guess hehe
Can ppl go and look at my livejournal at the latest entry- I asked about getting a tattoo (pic included) and also about new hair (pics included)! I could really just use some feedback! hehe
Thank you! :)

current mood: tired

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
6:46 pm - mmm, fireman...

just wanted to show off my new icon! :D

current mood: giggly

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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
10:48 am - w00t! if this isn't crazy...

ok, so i work at the ymca and fortunately the front desk person needed a couple days off. which maeans of course, i'm working. this place has been crawling with hot firefighters all week! they're having some sort of fitness training and they're using our upstairs room. they're from all over the area...anyways, one of them (tony) :D asked me to sharpen some pencils for the class...he told me that i have nice hands...i laughed and said thanks :) yesterday he asked what there was to do in portage on a wednesday night. after i finished laughing at him (hee) i gave him directions to northside tap in a neighboring town. he told me to call him if i wanted to go out! score! i got his number and immediately called my sis to see if whe would go with me. i had a great time with him(and he has the sexiest voice i've ever heard)...unfortunately he lives kinda far, but that's what email is for. i don't want anything serious anyways so it all works out! :D

current mood: refreshed

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
11:58 am - saturday_six!

x-posted to crazyboystories, pisces_people, purely_pisces and nwi_music

for all of you that enjoyed the Friday Five while it was up, i offer you the saturday_six!

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
10:44 pm - grumble

i really want to set things straight with my ex. for some reason (last year) he got really pissed at me and wouldn't tell me why. i'm still blocked from im'ing him, and he would probably answer if i called (i've changed my cell # since then).
(we dated about 6 years ago, broke up, lost touch and hung out for couple months back in 02-03...we were inseperable during those few months. shit happened and now he hates me for some reason. i never did anything to make him feel that way towards me.)
i think if i call, he'll think i'm crazy and hang up on me. (i've contacted him once since then about something of mine that he had and he promptly gave it to someone to return to me.) i just want to know why. the call would last 5 minutes, tops, and that would be it.
should i take a shot and call him? i would really like to know what i did, but i'm not sure it'd be worth it.

current mood: discontent

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
9:15 pm - Yay boys!


I'm new here but found this community and got a giggle out of it. I'm a junior at the University of Washington(currently studying in AZ though) and just recently started dating a very hot photographer. Yum!

As far as my crazy boy story goes...he likes Space Ghost. FINALLY!! Someone else that shares my absurd passion for Adult Swim! :-)

Oh yes, and now for a shameless plug..

My roomates and I have stared a new sorority: Alpha Dirty Delta. :-) We have a community online but it's not too active as of yet so feel free to post your thoughts as long as they relate to being silly. alphadirtydelta

I'm so happy there's a community like this!

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:19 am

I have two happy boy stories to share today:

1. The boy I've been casually dating for just over a month sent me a beautful bouquet of springtime flowers for my birthday on Saturday. SENT them! That means he had to pay attention to my address and everything. It's so much cooler to get a delivery like that than to have them handed over in person. It's the first time anyone's ever sent me flowers. Yay!

2. And just now, the boy I've been flirting with and threatening to date (for about 4 years now) asked if I would go to a wedding with him in June. Interesting...I said yes, unless it's one of two weekends when I'm already busy.

current mood: happy

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
11:29 pm - Dear Cosmo,

This is Jonny ("Superman") Lewis. His birthday is 12-21-79, which makes him 24. He's 5'11", 210 lbs. and very single! A recent Purdue graduate, Jonny lives in northwest Indiana; where he works as a personal trainer at the YMCA. He is also the volunteer head strength coach for his old high school football team, the Portage Indians! Jonny is incredibly sweet...he's a great listener and a great friend. Even when we didn't know each other very well, he could tell when I was having a bad day and give me a big bear hug! He's always there to listen when I need an ear, or to offer his shoulder to cry on. Did I mention that he writes poetry? Excellent poetry? Well, he does and it is. :) Enclosed are 2 photos of this amazing guy. I hope you consider him for your Nov. 2004 issue!
Jonny Lewis...behind the cut.Collapse )
xposted to my personal journal

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Saturday, April 17th, 2004
11:56 am - owowow!!

i'm entering jonny in the 2004 cosmo guy search! i asked him about it on thursday (i was kidding) and he said we could so the photos on monday! it's perfect...he's a personal trainer and he writes poetry...doesn't hurt that he's hott, too. i'm taking a head shot and a full body...i'm gonna do the full body shot on the free weight room :) monday is gonna kick some serious ass. oh, and i'll definitely share the pics!

current mood: mischievous

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
4:37 pm

This might not necessarily be the best place to post this, but I'm going to anyway.
Here's my question: When you're dating someone, how far into it do you wait to have sex? I'm curious. I might just go look up some statistics on that now, too.

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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
10:03 pm - i love my boys!

LefTCLefTDo: it's cool, i was just going to ask you some obscene question
jonny: ok go ahead
LefTCLefTDo: i was going to ask if you wanted to get drunk and get laid, but i'm already out of town...
jonny: oh u should of said something while u IMed me
jonny: where are u now??
LefTCLefTDo: i'm in hammond
jonny: oic
LefTCLefTDo: oh well, your loss
jonny: or maybe yours
jonny: just the way you look at it
LefTCLefTDo: i guess we'll never know!
jonny: maybe but never know till long later
LefTCLefTDo: well, i've got the house til wednesday...
jonny: really
LefTCLefTDo: yes i do
jonny: well maybe we will have to use it ;-)
LefTCLefTDo: all these "maybe's"...:sigh: lol
jonny: ;-)
LefTCLefTDo: i've had noone to watch all this soft-core porn with for the last week and a half! lol
jonny: lol porn is always a plus to watch
LefTCLefTDo: do you *know* how many movie channels are on digital cable? i had no idea
jonny: no clue
LefTCLefTDo: *tons*
LefTCLefTDo: more than satellite
jonny: yeah i bet
LefTCLefTDo: how good are you at shooting pool?
jonny: i am ok nothing great
LefTCLefTDo: excellent...strip billiards it is!
LefTCLefTDo: lol
jonny: lol
jonny: it could be tons of fun
LefTCLefTDo: it definitely could!

current mood: silly

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
10:32 pm - oh adam...

LefTCLefTDo: there's some soft-core on skinemax
LefTCLefTDo: ;)
adam: i can come over and we can watch it...=)
LefTCLefTDo: you can come over, but i'm not watching porn with you :D
adam: well how about we just make our own
LefTCLefTDo: lol
LefTCLefTDo: i don't have a video camera, silly!
LefTCLefTDo: haha
adam: ok well we can rehearse right?
LefTCLefTDo: there's rehearsal for these sorts of things?
adam: how about we just perform for ourselves
LefTCLefTDo: oic what you're gettin at
adam: good
LefTCLefTDo: damn this computer is ssssssllllow
adam: sucky deal
LefTCLefTDo: i'm on cable, but it keeps freezing up
LefTCLefTDo: how the hell am i s'posed to look at porn like this!!? i mean...lmao
adam: let me come over and we'll just look at each other
adam: ok i'm totally offering myself here
LefTCLefTDo: i can see that
adam: bahh...nevermind
LefTCLefTDo: :-*
adam: whatever
LefTCLefTDo: don't get me wrong, i'd love the company
adam: ok you'd love the company, what about the messing around?
LefTCLefTDo: i don't know...that shit just complicates everything. and don't say it doesn't cause it does
adam: eh...with us...what the hell short of a relationship could?
LefTCLefTDo: wouldn't messing around sort of create a "sexual relationship"?
adam: well not unless we expected it to happen all the time....which i doubt you would
LefTCLefTDo: you're probably right
adam: at least i can;t see that coming from you
LefTCLefTDo: oh yea, all those one night stands...lol
adam: well no not that
LefTCLefTDo: how do you figure, then?
adam: well whnever we hang out its not like...hey lets go at it
adam: but i'm sure its not gonna be a one time thing that we forget about
LefTCLefTDo: oic
LefTCLefTDo: haha, it kind of is when i'm really drunk, though! :D
adam: well thats understandable

he signed off...a little background info: we tried dating awhile ago, but i'm just not attracted to him like that. he's a good lookin guy, i just don't see him as more than a friend. :/

current mood: lazy

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